Life of Mine: Dancing in The Aisles

After working in a job for 17 years where the pressure never eased up I really wanted Mine to be a place where I could go and just enjoy my job and truly love what I was doing. Before I opened Mine I had spent almost two years checking out different places all over the country to develope a business plan. I knew in my heart what I wanted. It was extremely important to me to have a place with a relaxed, easy vibe. I wanted it to be a place that people loved going to. I wanted a place where smiles and laughter filled the walls and people came to to forget about life for a while.

One night a few months after we opened I was in the store late doing what I do, moving things around, staging product, doing paperwork etc. In walked a young couple. I had Eric Clapton playing on the cd player, a few candles going, some fresh cut flowers in the shop. The shop was starting to take shape. This young couple and I talked on and off as they explored the store. They like many others were just hanging out and enjoying themselves. I was behind the counter as they walked in to “the green room” as we call it. After about 30 minutes or so I got up to see what they were doing. Well, what a surprise I had. There they were, arm in arm, slow dancing in the aisle. Oh my God, it was so romantic, I backed out of the room not wanting to disturb them. Meanwhile another couple had come in the store. As they made their way to the green room I figured the dancing was over. Nope not at all. This romantic couple kept dancing away. Not a care in the world. It was so cool. The second couple came back in to the main room totally unfazed by the dancing couple, made their purchase, mentioned how awesome the store was and went on their way.

A little while later the dancing couple came out of the green room. They were gushing about what a great store we had, how the atmosphere was so great blah blah blah. They made their purchases, thanked me 20 times and off they went.

After they left, I just sat at the counter thinking about all that had just gone on. It was one of the first truly exhilarating moments for me in the store. It was the cement that started to glue togetherbmy vision of what Mine could be. From that moment on I was determined to create and maintain a place where if someone felt like dancing in the aisles then go right ahead, make yourself at home, relax, enjoy and dance the night away.

Maybe one of these days we’ll have a band and a dance in the aisles of Mine.

Life of Mine

Wednesday, May 22, 2013, mike walsh wrote:
Hello Friends, here it is. I have had several people ask me if I have a blog. Ummmm, well, here we go. I now officially have a blog.

Life of Mine. A blog of my thoughts, my stories, my experiences and mostly the crazy happenings while owning the store Mine in Mystic.

A quick history. I was born and raised in East Hartford Ct. It was an awesome place to grow up. I have incredibly loving and supportive parents that have been there for me every step of the way. I have an older brother who like me owns his own business and an older sister who still lives in the the first house we purchased together in Portland Maine lifetimes ago. And a beautiful niece working in theater in NYC.

And I having four amazing kids. To say I am a proud Dad is a complete understatement. All four of them are great kids and they have made parenting for me really very easy. Each one of my kids is completely different from the other. In our home their are five different drum beats going on as we each live life beating to our own drums. All four of them have made me tremendously proud and fill my heart every day with love and laughter.

The supporting cast around me is equally amazing. I have a wonderful collection of eceltic friends scattered all over the place. I have amazing people surrounding me in all aspects of my life. And I have a special someone who makes me feel like a million dollars always and fills my heart with love and laughter every single day.

And at Mine, I am incredibly fortunate to have an unimaginable collection of talented people surrounding me, great suppliers, supporters, other awesome small business owners who have helped me so much and the most interesting customer base you could ever imagine. Every day I experience something fun, crazy, educational, intriguing, and inspiring. I have learned so much in my two short years here it blows my mind.

I am truly blessed. I am so thankful, for what I have and who I have in my life. I appreciate all of you more than you’ll ever know. In the end all that matters is love, my life and my heart is filled with it. I am a very fortunate man. Thanks to all of you.

Here is my blog and the beginning of my story.